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Antique Handmade Victorian Dollhouse FURNISHED.
Truly A One-Of-A-Kind.
From the Owner's Personal Collection (down-sizing as retiring).

NOTE The CONTENTS only may be purchased, if you already have a Dollhouse.

A very large (50.75 x 34.35 inch) 1880s Antique dollhouse from Maine, USA.
It is really big!:
50.75 inches from peak to floor and rests on wheels, 34.25 inches wide, 13.5 inches deep.
It has 8 rooms including entry/foyer at the bottom of the stairs.
The height of the rooms is 10.5 inches.
A plexiglass front with clips was added many years ago to keep everything dust-free.

Please note, the entire contents -furniture, accessories etc, is the best part of this collection. The Dollhouse itself is in Vintage 1880s condition. It has not been restored by current owner and shows age appropriate wear.

A primitive very old wooden handmade dollhouse with overall paint loss.
Please see all the big, close-up photographs for condition details.

This doll house originated in the 1880s in Maine, acquired from an elderly lady who was a granddaughter of the original owner. Many of the furnishings are handmade - they range from late Victorian to the 1950s.
In addition to what is in the house, there are lots more in the drawer.
Authenticity is the key word when referring to this dollhouse - from the miniature tintype pictures, hand-loom carpets, ornate chandeliers to candleholders with wax candles -this Dollhouse is unbelievable.

There is enough furniture for 2 different groupings for each room. The extras are stored in the ample drawer.
(See photographs)

Most pieces of furniture are made to represent the period of this wonderful dollhouse and include handmade wooden furniture as well as metal. They are ornate and very intricate in design - couches are padded and upholstered with real material, wood table set with inlaid pieces.

Other accents include chandeliers (candles/globes).
(See close-up photographs.):

It comes with an old letter of authenticity from "Douglas Marshall Antiques Dealer, Brewer, Maine". This letter is dated 1988, and he valued this dollhouse at $3,100.00 - back in 1988, so you can imagine what it's worth today!

5 free-standing fireplaces (3 wooden 2 tin).
Wall sconces, tintype pictures, spinning loom.
Original pillows, and many metal accent pieces such as cups, saucers, candleholders, bowls etc.

Original bathroom includes wooden frame with porcelain bowl inset, toilet seat lifts.
Second set of bathroom furniture is purple Tootsie Toy originals and include working vanity, toilet, tub, more.

All floors are approx. 11 inches wide and rooms height is 10.5 inches.
2 solid wooden staircases.
There is very old hardwood flooring on 1st and 2nd floors, old wallpaper throughout.
Note: The wallpapers inside all need re-pasting, repairing or replacing.
Authentic and original woven rugs made to size, frail old curtains on all the windows.
The windows are dome-style with real stained glass in dome and clear glass in rectangular window. Each floor has a different color stained glass. The very old and frail curtains are in the way to show you clearly how the colored glass in the little window arches looks, when light is shining through.
Close-up photos show you the Vintage condition of the old paint on the sides of this 1880s dollhouse. One side is most definitely in better condition than the other, as you can see in the photos.
Also included are extra curtains that were used at one time, tablecloths, runners etc., most of which are very old.

Click on the links below for big color photographs:

BIG photograph

Close-up room 1 furniture

Close-up room 1

Close-up room 2

Close-up room 3

Another BIG photograph

Another contents arrangement

Rooms View

Another view

Parlor furniture

Some of the nursery furniture

Spare furniture in drawer

Close-up Kitchen

A few Kitchen items

More Kitchen items

Close-up Nursery with 3 beds etc.

Close-up bathroom with bath etc.

Close-up bedroom with 2 beds etc.

Gorgeous Wall Mirror

"Gilt" Wall Clock close-up

"Grandfather" Clock close-up

Wall Clock front close-up

Wall Clock back close-up

Inlaid wood furniture -see below also

Inlaids -lift-up lid, removable top

1 of the Nursery beds + bedding

Different grouping ideas

Showing storage drawer underneath pulled out

Erhard and Sohne Ormolu chandelier with hanging loop

Erhard and Sohne Ormolu chandelier with glass shades and hanging loop

Silvery tin fireplace close-up

Spare furniture in drawer

Spare lights in drawer to restore

Kitchen items close-up

Chair Close-up

Spare Lights close-up

Right Side of House

Left side of house

Right side of house

Windows close-up red glass

Windows close-up above red glass

Windows showing curtains

Windows close-up

Windows showing curtains

Windows close-up

Showing paint scrapes

Windows close-up

Windows with ruler

Windows with ruler

Windows close-up

Back of house

Back of house

Roof Wood close-up

Email ( with questions and for any other close-up photographs you would like to see and for a phone number to discuss shipping if the entire Collection cannot be picked up.

Option A:
Since shipping is not being offered as part of the price, the buyer should be prepared to pick up the dollhouse in Lake Arrowhead, California.
Option B:
If for whatever reason shipping is required, the contents and the house itself will have to be shipped separately. The house will have to be dismantled and shipped flat for reassembly by the buyer. This is due to the age (140 years) and size of the dollhouse and cost of shipping. This is also to ensure the likelihood of receiving it in the best possible condition.

Please email for our phone number to discuss shipping details. Email Elfie ( or by clicking below:

1880s Dollhouse and Contents Collection

In stock - Ship mine TODAY!
Price: $1,880.00
Bill my first layaway payment: $626.67
(2 payments of $626.67 remain)
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