1998 CHATTY CATHY VHS TAPE by New Arrivals
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New Arrivals
1998 CHATTY CATHY VHS TAPE by New Arrivals

All Original Mint, New Mattel 1998 Video VHS Tape in original packaging.
Running time 30 minutes. Made in the USA.
The remarkable history of classic, collectible Chatty Cathy – the world famous talking doll, from her first introduction in 1960 to her much heralded rebirth in 1998.

The back of the VHS tape sleeve (see LIVE photo, below) - reads:
"Now you can re-live the joy and magic of your childhood as Mattel Classics Collectibles brings you the story of Chatty Cathy...past and present...in this beautifully produced video record created with the heart of the collector in mind.

Join the co-founder of Mattel, Ruth Handler, and a wonderful group of devoted Chatty Cathy collectors, along with Mattel artists and designers as they take you on an emotional journey of discovery...from the fascinating re-telling of how Ruth and Elitot Handler created one of the most famous dolls in the world...to the heart-warming tales and beautiful memories of their favorite doll as told by passionate collectors of Chatty Cathy.

Also join famous cartoon voice artist June Foray, the original voice of Chatty Cathy, as she recalls her role in the history and recreation of this beloved and cherished doll.

Then hear from the Mattel team responsible for the rebirth of Chatty Cathy dolls...and prepare yourself to enter their top-secret world of artistry, design and engineering. Share this unique opportunity to get a detailed look into the process of just how Chatty Cathy has been faithfully recreated.

For the first time ever you will see hundreds of classic Chatty Cathy dolls in many of her marvelous and RARE variations. And see both original black and white Chatty Cathy television commercials along with other rare Mattel archive photos and documentary footage."

Click on the links below for BIG and LIVE color photographs
BIG and LIVE photo of the back of the sleeve

BIG and LIVE photo of the side of the sleeve

1998 Mattel "The Doll That Speaks For Herself VHS Tape .

1998 Chatty Cathy Mattel Video VHS Tape

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Price: $29.95
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